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Food is life! And it looks great in your plate rather than on your carpets. Cleaning food spills from the carpet can be the last thing in your mind when you are excited about having your favourite food. But the fact is, an accidents are unpredictable, they happen. However, food stains on the carpet are not uncommon, such accidents often happen. But the good news is you can undo the scenario by treating these food stains quickly. If you delay the Carpet Stain Removal treatment, these spills can penetrate deeper into the carpet fabric and take a permanent place.

Food Stain Removal From Carpet

Food Stain Removal From Carpet

Methods to Treat Different Types of Food Stains from Carpet

Sauce, oil, butter, and cooking grease make the toughest types of stains. They do not make their way out easily, once they spill on your carpet. Also, they penetrate inside the carpet fabric very quickly. Hence, you have to respond very quickly in case of oil stains. But we would tell you to thank your stars as we have brought an effective way for Carpet Oil Stain Removal.

Things Required;

  • Cornstarch/ Baking Soda
  • Dish Washing Liquid
  • Clean white Cloth
  • Vacuum Cleaner
Carpet Stain Removal

Carpet Stain Removal

Method for Oil Stain Removal From Carpet

  • Firstly, scrape the excess oil or butter off with the help of a spoon. And then gently blot the stain using a paper towel, be careful while bottling. Do not press the stain harder as it can seep deeper into the fabric.
  • Second Step, involves soaking of moisture. This is done by spreading cornstarch and baking soda over the stain. Let it sit on the carpet for about 15 minutes and then vacuum it thoroughly.
  • If the second step fails to do the trick, and the stain is still there, you need to work a bit harder to break oil/ grease inside the fabric. And for that, mix a few drops of dishwashing liquid in warm water and pour the solution over the stain. Let the solution sit onto the stain for some time and then brush it off gently. Afterwards, blot the stain with the clean cloth and let the treated area dry.

Dairy products such as milk, tea or coffee on the carpet can give you a really tough time. Besides making an ugly stain onto the carpet, they also cause a sour smell. Don’t worry, we have brought you the solutions for carpet stain treatment.

Carpet Oil Stain Removal

Carpet Oil Stain Removal

Things Required

  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Baking soda
  • White cotton towel/ paper towel
  • Cold water
  • Soft bristle brush

Method for Milk/Coffee/Tea Stain Removal From Carpet

  1. Blot up an excess amount of spilled product from your carpet using a towel.
  2. Then prepare a mixture, by adding 1 tbsp of dishwashing liquid, 1 tbsp of baking soda, and apply the mixture onto the carpet.
  3. Rub the stain with the brush gently, and then rinse the area with 2 cups of cold water.
  4. Repeat the process, until the stain vanishes.

Chocolate and candy stains are some of the common stains on the carpets. And for the best removal of the stains, turn the carpet upside down and work on it from the back. Also, never clean chocolate stain using hot water, as it will make the stain sticky and permanent. Here is the process for Chocolate Stain Removal from the carpet.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Things Required:

  • Cold water
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Clean Cloth
  • Household Ammonia

Method for Carpet Chocolate Stain Removal

  • Spread paper towels on the floors and put carpets upside down onto the paper towels.
  • Then mix ½ tbsp household ammonia with 1 tbsp dishwashing liquid and stir it well.
  • Dip a clean cloth in the solution and then gently blot the stain from the back of the carpet. You will have to transfer the chocolate from the carpet to paper towel.
  • You can also repeat the process with hydrogen peroxide if ammonia fails to work. Be careful hydrogen peroxide can also discolour the dark area. Make sure to do a patch test before directly applying the solution onto the carpet.
Chocolate Stain Removal From Carpet

Chocolate Stain Removal From Carpet

Curry stains on carpet

Curry is a liquid food material and its spills can easily get into the gaps of the carpet. If the spills remain on the carpet for a long time, it may turn into a large stain followed by bad odour. 

With the following steps, you can remove curry stains from the carpet:
1. When the spills happen, start with the blotting process to remove the liquid on the surface.
2. The stains are not deep as it involves the spices and oil colour. It can be removed with the help of washing liquid.
3. Prepare a solution of washing liquid and pour it on the stained portion. Rub the area and scrub gently to remove the stain.
4. Clean the spot with freshwater and see the result, if anything remain repeat the process and get rid of it.

Take Professional Assistance

These were some of the common food stains that can make your life hell. In case, you are not confident that you can remove the stains on your own, taking the professional assistance for Carpet Stain Treatment is always a good idea. Carpet Cleanings Melbourne is one of the leading company that offers Local Carpet Cleaning Service in Melbourne. Hire our cleaners today to get an amazing Professional Carpet Stain Removal treatment.