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You can trust Carpet Cleanings Melbourne with your eyes closed. Such is the reliability and efficiency of our professional carpet cleaning Newcomb services. We do not believe in hefty and overpriced charges. Our goal is to provide customer satisfaction at affordable and market competitive rates. We try to not only clean your carpets but also extend their life.

Carpet Cleanings Melbourne deals in both residential and commercial carpet flooring. Our carpet maintenance ensures that the reputation of your house or your company is not tarnished at any cost. Our carpet cleaning and maintenance services have been used by top brands in the Newcomb.

Carpet Cleaning Newcomb – Hire the experts of Carpet Cleanings Melbourne and get all types of carpet cleaning services from us at affordable costs. We are a distinguished company in Newcomb which is known for delivering the best carpet cleaning services. With having many years of expertise in this industry, we have delivered effective services  which includes carpet dry cleaning and carpet steam cleaning. Reach us online today and get the best services.

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    Easy Carpet Cleaning Checklist in Newcomb

    • Get the schedule for the carpet cleaning Newcomb service on the day when your house will be free of use for the day. This will help in safe cleaning and drying of the carpet.
    • Move the items lying on the carpet.
    • Remove the easily breakable items, though our cleaners are very conscious while offering the service.
    • Remove the easily breakable items, though our cleaners are very conscious while offering the service.
    • Move the furniture out of the way, to avoid any rush during the service.
    • Ensure that enough amount of water is available for the carpet cleaning service.
    Carpet Cleaning Newcomb

    Carpet Cleaning Newcomb

    Residential Carpet Cleaning Newcomb

    Make Your Ambience Magical With Clean and Spotless Carpets

    Carpets keep on getting dirt and their cleaning is mostly ignored. Ignorance leads to the growth of stain and mould. Get high-end services by the professionals of our team who will make your ambience magical with clean & spotless carpets. We use suitable cleaning solutions which maintain the strength of the threads in carpets. At the end of our service, you will experience that you got the best carpet cleaning Newcomb services.

    Carpet Cleaning Services

    Affordable Carpet Cleaning and Restretching in Newcomb

    Carpet Cleaning and Restretching are processes which increase the lifespan of the carpet. We have categories of service for different price, you can make choices for suitable services which fit your pocket. You will not regret your decision to choose us for carpet cleaning Newcomb.

    What Is The Importance of Carpet Cleaning?

    Carpets are a valuable asset and a more valuable investment. How can you keep them absolutely clean and utterly healthy so that your loved ones could play safely on them? Some might suggest homely methods and it has been found that professional carpet cleaning Newcomb is required to keep bacteria, germs, and pollutants at an arm’s length from your property.

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    Reasons Your Carpets Should Be Cleaned at Regular Intervals

    These are the following reasons:

    • Apart from dirt and soil, carpets also consist of virus, bacteria, germ, dust mites, allergens and all sorts of pollutants. All these contaminants find your dirty carpet conducive to their growth and hence they make it their home.
    • The contaminants residing in your carpets can cause serious health issues to you and your loved ones. And these could lead to unwanted situations in the workplace too.
    • Dirty carpets often lose their softness.
    • Dirty carpets lose their brightness and lustre.
    • Carpets that are not cleaned regularly have a rather short span of life.
    • Apart from the regular dirt catching up in the carpets, there are occasions when you spill something or the other on your precious carpet and try hard to get rid of those stains. But some stains do not go away with homely methods.
    • Stains if untreated can again become conducive for dangerous contaminants.

    One-Stop Solution Carpet Cleaning Services in Newcomb

    Carpet Cleaning Newcomb is the one-stop solution for all your carpet related needs. From carpet cleaning, carpet stain removal, to carpet water damage restoration – we do it all under a single roof! 

    Our carpet cleaning experts not just clean your carpet’s dirt and pollutants but also remove all kinds of stains. They sanitize and deodorize your carpets giving them new lustre, extended life, and pleasant fragrance.

    Fully Trained Cleaners For Carpet Steam Cleaning in Newcomb

    Our carpet steam cleaning Newcomb technicians are fully trained, experienced and knows their job. Our dedicated fleet of carpet cleaners are ready to accept any challenge. We are made for unpleasant odours removal, stains removal, water damage restorations, carpet fabric protection and more. Our sub-contractors can reach anywhere, any day of the week across Newcomb including northern suburbs, southern suburbs, eastern and western suburbs.

    Newcomb’s Carpet Cleaning Methods

    Our cleaners are trained to provide you with state-of-the-art carpet cleaning in all suburbs of Newcomb. Depending upon the type of fabric your carpet is made of, we use either carpet steam cleaning or carpet dry cleaning for most effective outcomes.

    Carpet Inspection

    Our Professionals analyze the problem which includes dirt, stains and many others which plays a role in the decision of cleaning process besides the types of the carpet. We provide the inspection service which will make you aware of all the cleaning issues your carpet have, it will be helpful in determining the estimation of the service cost. The cleaning process will be decided accordingly then only you will get the best results. You must know there is a big role of the inspection service for better cleaning which is ignored. We are the best in this regard. So why to go anywhere else for the carpet cleaning Newcomb services.

    Carpet Shampooing Newcomb

    Carpet Cleanings Melbourne provide Carpet shampooing Services in Newcomb. At times you might need emergency assistance to protect your carpets and at those unfortunate times we are always there to provide professional help to save your carpet. We work round the clock and our cleaners are located in all suburbs of Newcomb so that we can reach you in least possible time in case of an emergency.

    We work hard to provide absolutely enough care for your carpets in every possible manner. From routine cleaning to urgent clean-ups – we are equipped to tackle any situation regarding carpets. Call us today and experience an entirely ecstatic carpet cleaning Newcomb in front of your eyes!

    Carpet Dry Cleaning Newcomb

    • We first do a fibre test to pick the most suitable cleaning solution for your carpet.
    • Use advanced vacuuming to get rid of dirt and pollutants.
    • Work on carpet stains using our effective stain removing agents.
    • Then do post-vacuuming to dry up the carpet to make it usable in less time.
    • After cleaning use a quick carpet drying method.
    • Lastly, Deodorize the carpets before doing a final inspection. This gives a fresh feel to your carpet.

    Steam Cleaning Newcomb

    The steam cleaning process of carpet includes the following steps:

    • First do a fibre test of your carpet to know the most fitting cleaning solution for your carpet.
    • Do dry vacuuming to remove dry particles.
    • Using biodegradable cleaning solutions & work on carpet stains.
    • Then we use hot water extraction in which we infuse steam into the layers of the carpet. This loosens up dust, soil, stains, particles, and other pollutants. Once done, use a vacuum to extract water, cleaning solution, and pollutants from the carpet. Hot water extraction is considered the most effective Newcomb’s carpet cleaning procedure.

    Difference Between Carpet Dry and Steam Cleaning

    The main difference between the Dry Carpet Cleaning Newcomb & Carpet Steam Cleaning Newcomb is that we use powder substances for the dry cleaning whereas steamed water is used in the steam cleaning. Experts suggest that steam cleaning is more effective than dry cleaning. One of the benefits of using a dry cleaning method is that the carpet gets ready for use quickly while steamed cleaned carpet needs time to get dry. It is your choice and needs that decides which methods will be better for your carpet.

    Carpet Dry and Steam Cleaning

    Carpet Cleaning Newcomb Services

    When you are looking for reliable and effective carpet cleaning Newcomb services, look no more further. We have cost-effective solutions for your valuable carpets and our experienced cleaners know just how to restore your favourite carpets to their original look.

    Our wide range of carpet cleaning services comprises the following:

    We provide Other Carpet Cleaning Services

    • Water or flood damage carpet restoration
    • Carpet sewage restoration
    • Domestic carpet cleaning
    • Commercial carpet cleaning
    • Carpet Repair
    • Wine stain removal service
    • Emergency carpet cleaning
    • Mould restoration
    • Fire and smoke restoration
    • Vomit stain removal from carpet
    • Hot water extraction carpet cleaning
    • Coffee or Tea Carpet Stains Removal

    With customer satisfaction as our sole aim, we deliver all kinds of carpet related services so that our customers don’t have to look anywhere else if they need any carpet assistance beyond cleaning as well.

    Wool Carpet Cleaning

    Wool Carpet Cleaning Newcomb

    We also provide you with wool carpet cleaning sevrices in Newcomb. Woollen carpets add a hint of warmth and beauty to interiors. But the look gets detoriated with accumulation of stains and grime on the carpets. Though there are many DIYs available on the internet to clean the carpets, but when it comes natural fibre carpets like wool, assigning the job to professionals is a better idea. The experts understand the importance of your carpets, and apply the best cleaning techniques to maintain their softness and warmth.

    Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Newcomb

    Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Newcomb

    Our cleaners use the latest technologies and methods to make your carpets free from germs, bacteria and stains. Hot water Extraction is one of the best carpet cleaning tricks that leave your carpets extremely cleaned and sanitised. In this cleaning method, our professionals apply the hot pressurised water inside the carpet with the cleaning solutions. After a few minutes, the water and cleaning solution is extracted, along with all the dirt, stains, and contaminants. Then we speed dry your carpets, so you can use them as soon as possible.

    End of Lease Carpet Cleaning

    End of Lease Carpet Cleaning Newcomb

    Vacating your rented property? Need the end of lease carpet cleaning? Call Carpet Cleaning Newcomb for your best help. End of cleaning require much more detailed inspection and treatment, and we can do that for you. So, drop all your tensions, if your tenancy is coming to an end because our cleaners have the best solution for you. Hire us now and get affordable carpet cleaning services now.

    Scotchgard Carpet Stain Protection Newcomb

    Give the complete care to your carpet that they deserve with Scotchgard fibre protection. Besides cleaning, our cleaners apply stain protector to the carpet fibres, that creates a shield against the stains on the carpets. We provide Carpet Stain Protection Services across all the suburbs of Newcomb irrespective of the type of carpet.

    • Polyester carpet protection
    • Wool carpet protection
    • Nylon carpet protection
    • Olefin carpet protection
    • Acrylic carpet protection
    • Smart stand carpet protection

    Carpet Mould Removal Newcomb

    Mould is the microorganism that grows on your carpets, floor coverings, and upholstered articles when the moisture content in the air is high. The infestation on your carpets can be dangerous as it can lead to various health issues including breathing problems, skills problems, constant cough, sneezing, wheezing and more. Our carpet cleaners in Newcomb is equipped with eco-friendly cleaning solutions and advanced tools. You must always hire the professional carpet cleaning Newcomb service provider for the removal of mould infestations. Treating such situation with DIY methods may give you the desired results but can further ruin the situation.

    Carpet Stain Removal Newcomb

    The team of our carpet cleaners in Newcomb offers the best and satisfactory services for Carpet Stain Removal Newcomb. Stains on the carpet, making it look ugly and deteriorated. But carpets are something that cannot be escaped from the attack of stains, as they are most prone to it. And when the stains happen, it is usually advised to clean them fresh before they settle down. Once the stain is settled inside the carpet fibre, it becomes difficult to remove. The cleaning team of our professionals are trained to deliver your satisfactory results with the help of effective cleaning solutions and advanced skills they possess. (*terms and conditions applied)

    1. Ink Stain Removal From Carpet

    Ink is very sticky in nature if they will fall at your carpet they are certainly going to leave stain marks. Even though you clean them instantly but it will not get completely removed. This can start damaging your carpet. Call for professionals to remove them totally and save it from getting damaged in the coming months. You can rely on our professionals for Ink Stain Removal.

    2. Pet Stain Removal From Carpet

    Pets in the house, keep noticing the condition of your carpet. They can not say when they have a nature call. Either train them or be always ready for cleaning the stains on carpet. The waste material has a complex chemical combination which gets settled on the carpet quickly and cannot be removed individually. Call for professional help and get the best services.

    Besides pet stains, we also provide pet hair removal from carpets. Removing pet hair from the carpets is one of the most arduous tasks that certainly cannot be done efficiently without professional help.

    3. Wine Stain Removal From Carpet

    Wine may fall on the carpet and stain it, you know that wine is a chemical liquid when they fall on the carpet they get reacted with the dirt on it and make a deep stain. If not removed on time, carpet can get damage. The smell of wine also persists in the room along with the carpet. You need to get it cleaned and sanitized it so that no one feels like there was fall of wine. Book for Wine Stain Removal Service from us. We take care of the rates so that our service can be useful to all.

    Carpet Stain Removal

    4. Chewing Gum Stain Removal From Carpet

    Chewing Gum is the choice for many while sitting idle or at work, if their particle will get in the carpet attachment it will be very tough to remove as they are sticky. Over the passing of time, it gets tougher to remove. We provide a professional carpet stain removal service to deal with all types of stains and chewing gum. The stains are treated according to their source. We own all the essentials of the services and our potential services will make everything easy for you. Call us for the stain removal from your carpet.

    Make Those Odd Smell Vanish From Your Carpets

    When you get an odd smell from your carpets, can you guess about the sources? We must know that different sources produce different odour. Below we are discussing most common sources which might be the reason for the odd smell. Knowing the sources of smell make the stain removal service more convenient.

    1. Pet Odour

    The odour of the urine and faeces from pets like cat and dog are fainting in nature. It is almost unbearable. Even if you clean them the smell does not go completely. Call for Professional Stain Removal service who can vanish the smell with the high PH value cleaning solutions as it neutralises its effect completely. Using deodoriser and getting relaxed can be a bad choice as the smell might vanish for a few minutes but it is certainly going to attract microbes.

    2. Food and Drink Spillages

    The food material can fall down on the carpet giving stains of the food colour. They smell if you leave them for a few days as well as attract pests. The food stains increases the rate of damages. Our professionals will remove the food stain leaving no marks.

    3. Cigarette Smell

    The ignorance from you can give carpet burn damage as sometimes people throw down the burning cigarette. Their smell is unique which can be easily identified. Some people are allergic to its smoke. Get a proper functioning duct so that the smoke gets out. You can also have technical devices installed at your place which neutralizes its smoke. Call us for smoke removal from the carpet, if required.

    4. Moisture and Dampness

    The cleaning service or water spillage can be the reason for the carpet being wet. Ensure that you get the moistures dried. The moisture in the carpet gives out a bad smell as well as invites pests and microbes. Get it properly cleaned and dried with the professional cleaners. 

    Eco-friendly Carpet Cleaning Newcomb

    Being a team of environment lover, we not only clean your carpet but also keep in mind the environment and surroundings. As know that the use of corrosive and harsh chemicals are certain to have bad impacts. That is why our professionals only use Eco-friendly Carpet Cleaning solution which is safe for pets and children.

    Emergency Carpet Cleaning Newcomb

    To efficiently extract dirty and gritty dirt, our skilled industrial washing procedure penetrates thoroughly both parts of the fabric material. Much of the time marks and scratches including candle wax, paint, tar, dirt, animal feces, blood traces, food spills and chewing gum can be avoided with our emergency carpet cleaner kit. Our cleaners are expert and licensed to provide Emergency Carpet Cleaning  Newcomb services. Get in touch for the same day carpet cleaning services in the emergency bookings. We do not charge an extra amount to give you emergency services. You can call us anytime we are available for you 24*7. Our all services are acceptable and recommended. Call us now.

    We Serve Everywhere in Newcomb

    Residential Carpet Cleaning

    Our profesionals know the trends of keeping carpets in the house and residential building. We provide specific cleaners for residential areas as they are known to the kinds of dirt and stain, carpet in the residential area can get. With our team carpet gets cleaned without any damage and ready for use again as soon as possible. Our inspection service will say you whether your carpet can be cleaned or not as they might get damaged after cleaning in some conditions.

    Commercial and Industrial Carpet Cleaning

    Carpets in the commercial and industrial building are common cover to the floor as well as placed on door for dusting off footwear. The large traffic gives a high accumulation of dirt which further become a reason for the growth of stains and microbes. Get Commercial & Industrial Carpet Cleaning Newcomb and free yourself from the stress of carpet cleaning on such a large level.

    Carpet Anti-Allergic Treatment in Newcomb

    Carpets require routine cleaning form time to time to maintain their quality and appearance. Dirty and unclean carpets can harbour many dangerous germs, pathogens, parasites and pollen. These contaminants can expose you and your family to various diseases and allergies. So it is advisable that you hire professional to treat and sterlise the carpet. We can provide you with carpet sanitisation and anti-allergic treatment. Our professionals utilise the best commercial products and chemicals to remove harmful pathogens.

    • Germ-free carpets
    • Hygienic environment
    • Less allergeies
    • Healthier family and staff

    Discounted Carpet Cleaning in Newcomb

    We are giving discounts all kinds of Carpet Cleaning Services in Newcomb.  Our company have earned a high reputation because of our incomparable services for carpet cleaning and affordable prices. Use powerful cleaning tools and eco-friendly yet effective cleaning detergents along with approved disinfectants for treating carpets.

    Call us on 0345178809 to know more about our services as well as book a cleaning service. Our customer care executives are always happy to answer questions you have. Like our page on Facebook and Twitter to know more about our special carpet cleaning deals and discounts and remain updated.

    Carpet Repair Services in Newcomb

    Carpets installed in our homes and offices are heavily used. Prolong exposure to dust, dirt and stains can loosen the integrity of carpet installation. They faces damages through various sources like water, pets, burns and chronic wear & tear. Our professionals restore and repair any amount of damage. We repair burn damage, water damage and various other forms of damages professionally. Now you can save enough money and avoid a new replacement of the carpet by hiring us. Our carpet technicians will reach your doorstep and deliver required carpet repair service in Newcomb for you in no time.

    Carpet Sewage Restoration in Newcomb

    Sewage overflow or flooding of sewage water can have drastic consequences on your belongings, health and home environment. Carpets can soak in this water and it is advisable that you seek professional assistance. Sewage water is seriously dangerous as it may contain many dangerous and hazardous parasites, germs and pathogens. Any exposure to contaminants can lead to diseases and ailments. Get complete carpet sewage restoration in Newcomb today. We will extract the dirty water and deliver a deep cleaning of the carpets. Our carpet sanitisation service will remove the  harmful microbes in the carpet.

    Rug Cleaning Newcomb

    Carpet Cleanings Melbourne is a renowned name in Newcomb that provides all kinds of carpet and rug cleaning services. We deliver the best and effective rug cleaning service for you on time. Our professional carpet cleaners will provide you with routine and professional cleaning of the rugs. We treat the stains with various commercial products and solvents. Latest tools and equipment are utilised to deliver the best rug cleaning results for you. Our rug cleaning service is available for you at affordable costs. Hire us for an effective and affordable rug cleaning service in Newcomb.

    Rug Cleaning Newcomb

    Our Experience in Carpet Cleaning Services

    We are a highly reputed team of professionals, providing all kinds of services related to a carpet in Newcomb for the last 15 years. For providing emergency services and executing the assigned work of carpet restoration on the same day, and the first choice in Newcomb. Our carpet cleaner team is highly proficient in executing the carpet steam cleaning process as well as disinfecting the carpet with effective measures.

    Our certified carpet cleaners are well equipped with the latest tools that enhance their performance. Vacuuming, steam cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing are the steps executed before drying the carpets. 

    Quick Response Time for The Booking and Queries

    The services will be of no meaning if not given on time. We provide 24*7 hours customer care service which is always active for solving our customer’s queries. Our professionals show their interest in the work, reaching your place on the given time. The quick response to the customers makes them comfortable. So we believe in providing a quick response for booking as well as queries.

    Carpet Sanitization

    Why Choose Carpet Cleanings Newcomb?

    Here we point out why choose carpet cleaner in Newcomb:

    • Cost-effective Carpet Cleaning Solutions – The services are provided at the most competitive pricesYou are free to compare our service quality and prices with others.
    • Experienced Cleaners – Have an industry experience of over 20 years and that surely gives us an additional advantage.
    • Licensed Professionals – Our cleaning team only consists of licensed professionals so that our customers can get the best service from us.
    • Eco-friendly Solutions – Believe in cleaning up the mess and not creating anymore. So our cleaning solutions are strictly eco-friendly. You can be sure that no harmful cleaning solutions will be fuming into the environment when we clean your carpets.
    • World Class Carpet Cleaning Techniques – Use only world class carpet cleaning techniques, because technology helps us deliver excellence to our customers.
    • Round the Clock Customer Service – Our customer care people work round the clock so that you get the convenience of calling us whenever you feel.
    • Free Quote – Getting a quote for your carpet cleaning Newcomb is the easiest. All you have to do is give us a call and give the details, and provide the price quote for free.

    Same Day Carpet Cleaning Newcomb

    Get Special discount on carpet steam cleaning, carpet dry cleaning & carpet shampooing Services on hiring us for same day of booking. The team of our professionals is highly pro-active and knows all the best ways to deliver the best results. Our team will reach out to your place within 1 hour of booking or on the suggested time. For more information about our same day services and prices, call 0345178809.

    Case Study On Carpet Stain Removal

    We received a call from a well-recognised eatery located at Brookfield, Newcomb to clean their carpets which became stained due to food spills. Our expert carpet cleaners team arrived at the correct time which was 02:00 PM. There were several separate kinds of obstinate food stains including sausages, pasta, and mustard sauce etc. Our experts clean their carpet with the advanced tools and techniques and eliminated every spot from their carpet with the eco-friendly carpet stain remover. The client was highly satisfied with the quality cleaning service and rated us with 5-stars.

    Some Facts About Newcomb

    Newcomb is the most populated city centre in the state of Victoria and the second-most crowded metropolis in Australia. The city was established on 30 August 1835. This place is home to several well-recognised cultural establishments in the country, including the National Gallery of Victoria, Newcomb Cricket Ground and the World Heritage-listed Royal Exhibition Building.

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    Carpet Cleanings Melbourne are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to offer you time suitability. Our experts are ready at your service even on public holidays.

    Call us today at 0345178809 to schedule an appointment and get a free quote of our services. You can also get in touch with our experts by filling out the small contact form on the right side of your screen. Our team will get back to you in no time at all.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Carpet Cleaning Newcomb

    Are you a reliable company?

    Yes, we are a reliable carpet cleaning organisation working for more than a decade. People rely on us because we deliver excellent results at reasonable costs.

    I hope the products you will use to clean my carpets will not?

    You don’t have to worry about the products we will use will never harm your carpets because they are wholly safe and eco-friendly.

    Can you clean gum stains from my carpets in Newcomb?

    Yes, we have a team of professionals who can easily clean all types of stains from your expensive carpets including ink stains, alcohol stains as well.

    Office’s Location

    Location:- Newcomb, VIC, 3000, Australia