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Carpet Cleaning Prices in Melbourne

Carpet Cleaning Prices in Melbourne

Carpets are one of the important parts of any premise with the capability to add decor, comfort and charm. But with the regular use, heavy foot traffic and years of tear and wear, it is natural for the floor coverings to leave their charm and shine. It is advised to have carpet steam cleaning Melbourne annually or biannually, for their extended life. Professionals like us have the tendency to clean almost all kinds of carpet fibre. Also, Carpet Cleanings Melbourne can help you save thousands of dollars, by repairing the worn out and damaged carpet, that you might be thinking to replace. Plus, dirty carpets can create an unimaginable number of health issues, that you surely would not want to happen. That’s why we offer a wide range of high-quality services at the modest carpet cleaning prices Melbourne.

How much do our carpet cleaning services cost?

Usually, the charges of professional carpet cleaning depend upon the factors like:

  • The size of the carpet
  • Material of carpet
  • Whether the carpet stains are to be removed

Carpet Cleaning Price:

Carpet Steam CleaningEmptyFurnished
Lounge / Family Room*$60*$75*
Hallway / Landing*$40- $60*$45- $65*
Cost Per Stair*$3.00*$5.00*
Carpet Protection Services (per sqm)*$3*$4*
Carpet Flee Treatment per room*$35*$45*

Above mentioned prices are for carpet steam cleaning only. We expect carpet to be cleaned & vacuumed before our technician’s arrival, additional charged may apply for $10 extra applies for stained treatment, very dirty & heavily soiled carpet.

*Terms & Condition Apply ( Minimum price is $120 )

Carpet Stain Removal in Melbourne

Carpet Stain Removal in Melbourne

Types Of Carpet We Clean

At Carpet Cleaning Melbourne we provide cleaning services for all types of carpets. We have a trained team who have knowledge and experience in carpet cleaning. Here is the list of carpets of which we provide cleaning services.

  • Woolen Carpet.
  • Polyester Carpet
  • Olefin Carpet.
  • Nylon Carpet.
  • Rugs.
  • Cut Loop

Types of Our Carpet Cleaning Pricing

We use- per room rate structure for our carpet cleaning service. That means we will clean the carpet irrespective of square footage. We offer carpet cleaning services on a flat rate of every room. Plus, our charges differ depending on every room. Charges will be different for the bedroom, lounge room, hallway, and per stair also. There could be a number of other factors that may lessen or increase the carpet cleaning cost, so it is important to ask all the question while asking for the carpet cleaning quote.

Listed below are the rough quotation for our carpet cleaning services to give you an estimate. And in the case for professional stain removal case, you can expect the extra charges.

Same Day Carpet Cleaning Service

The carpet cleaning services can be availed on the same day of booking if you want. We have several teams for carpet cleaning services which is available at the most competitive prices. We and our team can better understand the need for an urgent service. The services are available on all days and the service charges are the same on all day. If you book for the same day service charges may change. You should not remain stuck to the quote prices as they are meant to change. Call us and get the best service on the same day of booking.