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Curtain Cleaning Hobart? Get the professional curtain steam cleaning, drapery cleaning, dry curtain cleaning, curtain stain removal, curtain sanitisation and so much more. The professionals at Carpet Cleanings Hobart are highly professional and available for the same day at affordable costs in northern, eastern, western and southern suburbs of Hobart. Choose us and get Best Curtains & Blinds Cleaning Services.

Dirty curtains signify a dirty home! No matter how clean your home actually is, dirty and stained curtains don’t let it show. So, if you have not cleaned your curtains in a while, it’s truly a high time. Get your curtains cleaned, return the charm to your home stolen by your dirty curtains. Call now for extra 15% discount on our specialised services.

  1. Fully Certified & Qualified Curtain Cleaning Technicians
  2. Free take down & rehang of your curtains
  3. Flexible Same Day Drapery Cleaning Service
  4. Window Blinds & Heavy Curtains Cleaning
  5. Mobile Curtain Cleaners
  6. All kinds of Curtain Fabric Cleanings
  7. Delicate Fabric Dry Landry Cleaning
  8. Onsite / Offsite Curtain Cleaning
  9. Curtain stain protection & anti-allergic treatment
  10. Refresh & Restore the original look of your curtains
    Curtain Cleaning Hobart

    Curtain Cleaning Hobart

Refresh the original look of your Curtain & Blinds !!!

Our curtain & blind cleaning specialists expert in restoring your curtains back to look like new!!!

  1. We can pick up your curtains for laundry cleaning
  2. Onsite Curtain Steam Cleaning Services
  3. After Cleaning our Technicians will rehang your curtains
  4. Both sides of your curtains steam cleaned
  5. NO Shrinkage or Color Fade
  6. Local Drapery Steam/Dry Cleaning Company
  7. Same Day Service
  8. Dry cleaning use solvent rather than water
  9. All fabric cleaned gently
  10. Spot free cleaning and efficient removal of dirt, germs, stains & inspect from your curtains
  11. Solvent to clean every part of your drapery including the back & front.
  12. FREE no-obligation quote available over the phone

Why Curtain Steam Cleaning Is Important?

  1. Dust & Germs quickly build up in your curtain.
  2. Dirty curtain destroys the beauty of your home.
  3. Stain on the curtains look bad
  4. Curtain Cleaning will enhance the interior beauty of your home.
  5. Dry Cleaning only removes dust, however, curtain steam cleaning will remove germs & stains from your curtains


Curtain Type Dry Cleaning Steam Cleaning Laundry Cleaning
Curtain Cleaning $95 $125 $125

*The minimum for the curtain & blinds cleaning service is 195

Professional Curtain Cleaning Hobart

Get professional Onsite Offsite Curtain, Blinds & Drapery Steam or Dry Cleaning Services in Hobart.

  1. Onsite Curtain Cleaning
  2. Roman Curtain cleaning
  3. Roman Blinds cleaning
  4. Curtain dry cleaning
  5. Blinds Cleaning
  6. Curtain Repairs
  7. Blind Repairs
  8. Roman curtains & blinds cleaning
  9. Venetian blind cleaning
  10. Curtain Stain Removal
  11. Curtain Cleaning – Odour removal
  12. Domestic curtain and blind cleaning
  13. Commercial curtain and blind cleaning

We provide professional onsite curtain steam cleaning, drapes cleaning & blinds cleaning service across all Hobart.

 We have been awarded in 2015 as Hobart’s best Curtain Cleaning Company and we have been in the industry for last 10 years. We provide professional curtain cleaning service across all Hobart.

Curtain Steam Cleaning Services

Curtain Steam Cleaning Services

Same Day Curtain Cleaning Hobart

We got a team of professional, certified and trained curtain cleaners who work 24 hours and 7 days a week. If you wanted to get same day curtain cleaning, one of curtain cleaner can reach your property on the same day of booking. We have laundry curtain dry cleaning services available. One of our curtain cleaning specialists can collect curtains from your home and take curtains for laundry dry cleaning. After dry cleaning curtain cleaning professional can rehang your curtains at your residence.

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Drapery Steam Cleaning Hobart

Steam cleaning is the most effective way to clean the drapery, it sanitizes the fabric and clean the drapery completely. Steam cleaning is a unique way to clean and sanitize the drapery, the reason why steam cleaning is best because there is no chemical used in this process. Also, this process effectively cleans the drapery without causing any damage. We use quality equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to do the cleaning. Our customer friendly approach makes the cleaning procedure go smoothly. For Drapery Steam Cleaning Hobart always choose Carpet Cleaning Hobart.

Blinds Cleaning Hobart

Blinds are very essential things in a home. Office or any other places, it gives us a sense of privacy and beauty at the same time. While blinds cleaning cannot be ignored because of the dust and dirt build up, it’s important to have them cleaned once in a year. At Carpet Cleaning Hobart we make sure that the curtain are cleaned properly. We know the importance of blinds and how they’re cleaned therefore our technician use quality cleaning solvents to do the blinds cleaning in Hobart.

Roman Curtain and Blinds Cleaning Hobart

Our Drapes cleaners are expert in Roman Blinds cleaning.  Curtain Cleaning Hobart provide onsite curtain steam cleaning services across Hobart with a comprehensive range of all type of curtain cleaning services including Roman Blinds & Curtain Cleaning at your home.

Venetian Blind Cleaning Hobart

Our curtain cleaning agents at Carpet Cleanings Hobart are famous for offering Venetian blind Cleaning at affordable prices with complete satisfaction. We follow the customer-centric approach for understanding well what our clients aspire from us. Our skilled curtain cleaning professionals know all the possible ways to clean, sanitise, and deodorise your Venetian blinds. Besides Venetian, we can clean almost all kinds of blinds including roller blinds, roman blinds, vertical blinds, and so much more.

Professional Curtain Cleaners Hobart

Our professional curtain cleaners treat your curtains and blinds with utmost care and ensure that they are injected with new life with our cleaning services. The curtains and blinds Hobart must be cleaned from time to time to avoid dust particles to accumulate and cause various allergies and diseases. It is difficult to get rid of the soil particles without specialised methods like steam cleaning or dry cleaning which is an effective extraction method.

We Steam Clean All Kinds of Curtains and has an experienced team which not only removes the dirt from the blinds and curtains but also heals the spots and removes the stains using eco-friendly methods.

We can clean all types of curtains in Hobart.

Our professional curtain cleaners are expert in cleaning following types of curtains:

  1. Eyelet Curtain Cleaning.
  2. Pencil Pleat Curtain Steam Cleaning
  3. Cased Curtain Cleaning
  4. Pleat Curtain Cleaning
  5. Sheer Curtain Cleaning
  6. Lace Curtain Cleaning
  7. Roman Curtain Cleaning
  8. Tab top curtains Cleaning
  9. Linen curtain Cleaning
  10. Box pleated curtains Cleaning
  11. Venetian blinds Cleaning
  12. Goblet pleat curtains Cleaning
  13. Double box pleat curtains Cleaning
  14. Roller blinds Cleaning
  15. Full-length drop curtains Cleaning

Roller Blinds Cleaning

Roller Blinds are the best types of blinds that offer privacy and an enchanting look to your interior. But they do get dirty and require the regular cleaning and maintenance. And ultrasonic cleaning is the best way to clean the roller blinds. We can do that for you! Our experts will reach your doorsteps, take the blinds to our laundry for cleaning and install on the same day. Reach us now and get our specialised services on discounted prices.

Our Curtain Cleaning Process

  1. Our professional cleaner will dry your curtain to remove dust etc.
  2. We will then pre-treat your curtains to remove embedded dirt and dust.
  3. Curtain stain treatment is used to break down the dirt or stain caused by wine or coffee spill.
  4. Our cleaners will then perform Curtain steam Cleaning, this will completely remove hard dirt, dust & stain.
  5. Curtain Deodorization process will make your curtain stay fresh for the longer time frame.
  6. Finally, our cleaner will perform the post-curtain cleaning inspection and then get the home owner’s approval and provide inspection cleaning report if required.

We follow two different types of methods for curtain cleaning – dry cleaning and steam cleaning. No two fabrics are same and they need to be cleaned differently. We dry clean curtains that are made of 100% cotton, silk or velvet. However, the ones that are made of mixed fabric or synthetic, we use steam cleaning as the preferred process.

Onsite Curtain Cleaning Hobart

There is no possibility left for a color loss or damage to the texture of the curtains in the moisture free process of cleaning. It is washed at multiple levels leaving no scope for any dust particles remaining. It is thoroughly cleaned and made to smell fresh. Moreover, we provide also provide onsite services for curtain steam cleaning and curtain dry cleaning, so, you can be sure that your expensive window coverings are in safe hand and handled with the utmost care. Additionally, our cleaners will your doorstep at the best suitable time for you.

Drapery Cleaning Hobart

When you hire us for Curtain Cleaning Hobart, you can have your peace of mind as your curtains are in the experienced and skilled hands. We do all the work as you sit around and see if it is being done as per your satisfaction or not. Right from taking down the curtains and blinds to re-hanging them back to their places – we finish the task completely. Our services include:

For gleaming curtains and blinds at your home or office, all you have to do is give us a call! Our customer service executives will be happy to help you and make a booking as per your availability.

Fully Certified & Qualified Curtain Cleaning Technicians

Get the curtain cleaning services from Carpet Cleanings Hobart as here you will get fully certified and qualified curtain cleaning technicians. When the services are done by our professionals there is no risk of damage at all of any forms. They have already given the same services to many clients so they understand the services better than anyone. They have the best ability to work as a team so they are capable to finish any bulk of work.

Why Choose For Us Curtain Cleaning Hobart?

Curtain Cleaning Hobart was established about 10  years ago with an aim to provide professional and economical cleaning services to people of Hobart. Since then we have created a stupendous reputation among our clients because of our performance, customer service, and quality cleaning services. Most of our business comes from referrals. However, if you are still confused as if whether to choose us or not, here are some reasons why you should choose Curtain Cleaning Hobart:

  1. Professionally Trained Cleaners – All of our staff members are professionally trained at our centre to ensure their performance speaks for their skills. Each of our cleaners is individually equipped with enough knowledge to take care of all sorts of curtain cleaning requirements.
  2. Insured Cleaners – To provide our valuable customers with the best possible curtain cleaning service in Hobart, we make sure that all our cleaners are insured. So, you do not have to worry about your stuff once they enter your property.
  3. Flexible Timing – We work according to your availability and not vice versa. Just let us know when you want us to visit your place and our cleaners will plan accordingly.
  4. Emergency Service – Curtain Cleaning Hobart offers same and emergency cleaning services too.
  5. Onsite Curtain Cleaning – Our Curtain Cleaners are available for same day onsite curtain cleaning across Hobart.
  6. Affordable Costs – All of our curtain and blind cleaning services are available at an unbeatable cost!
  7. Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions – We only use eco-friendly cleaning solutions for curtain and blinds cleaning to keep our environment safe and healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions on Curtain Cleaning Hobart:

Do you work on weekends?

We consider the cleaning needs of all types of customers thus we provide the services on all days which includes the weekends. We have professionals team who will reach your place with the service.

Do you do vertical and Venetians?

Yes, we have the professionals who can clean vertical and Venetians curtains. They are made from the soft fabrics and the odd-shaped so most of the customers do not feel easy to clean them.

Do you guarantee my curtain won’t shrink?

No, we do not take guarantee but we have faith in our professionals that there will be no damage to your curtains like shrinkage. We will inform you after the inspection if there will be any chances of damage. We will not give service in condition.

Can you remove the stains from the curtain?

The stain removal process is part of our curtain cleaning service, thus the stain from the curtain will be removed. The professionals from us are capable of removing all types of dirt and stains. They are experienced in the services so there will be rare chances of damage to the curtains.

So what are you waiting for? Just pick up your phone, give us a call and schedule an appointment for those newly looking fresh and clean curtains and blinds!

Our Curtain Cleaning Services Locations in Hobart

Our Curtain Cleaning Hobart Office Location

Carpet Cleanings Hobart – Curtain Cleaning office located on 22 Elizabeth Street, Hobart CBD. Our office hours are Monday – Friday 8 am- 5pm. We are available 24 X 7 on Mark’s Mobile number 0345178809 for same day curtain cleaning. To know more about our history in Hobart please click here…