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Best Duct Cleaning Melbourne Services

There are things and places around us which are just better when they are clean. True? Tables, chairs, bathrooms, kitchens, restaurants and yes the air we breathe!

Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

Did you know that we breathe 10,000 litres of air each day? Clean air is a necessity and we don’t have an option to see what is entering in our lungs. So, it’s good that you control what you can. Make sure that your family breathes fresh air inside your houses. That’s where Carpet Cleaning Melbourne comes at your rescue.

We provide an array of duct cleaning Melbourne consisting of:

  • Evaporative duct cleaning and repairing
  • Central heating system cleaning and sanitizing
  • Dryer Vent duct cleaning
  • Duct maintenance and installation
  • AC duct cleaning
  • House duct cleaning and others!

Trusted Duct Cleaners in Melbourne

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne provides heating and cooling duct cleaning services in Melbourne. We make sure that the services delivered to you are 100% guaranteed and our customers are satisfied.

Our specialized duct cleaning services are designed to make sure that your kitchen and other premises are fully compliant with health and safety laws as well as the insurance requirements. Further, our professionals prepare your home to meet the highest standards. You can call us anytime during the day and book your appointments to get free estimates.

Dryer Duct Cleaning Melbourne

Carpet Cleanings Melbourne offer a range of duct cleaning services in the city and dryer duct cleaning is one of them. Timely cleaning of dryer ducts is an essential task that needs to be performed after a certain period of time. With the constant use, lint and debris get accumulated inside the ductwork, which can also lead to a house on fire. Uncleaned dryer ducts are responsible for the high-energy bill and inefficient functionality. Thus, if you want to keep your dryer ducts in working condition and save your home for irreversible damage then come to us for effective services.

We’re Insurance Compliant Duct Cleaning Company

Dryer Vent Cleaning Melbourne

Dryer Vent Cleaning Melbourne

  • We meet all the requirements set by the government departments.
  • This can be demonstrated in the reports that we provide our clients with every visit.
  • We have covered everything – risk assessment, method statement, product details etc. and we promise that our standards and compiled rules will surely give you peace of mind.
  • We have everything that you expect from a professional duct cleaning company.
  • At Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, cleaning means going above and beyond the minimum legal requirements in every area.

 Our Comprehensive Duct Cleaning Services

Here are a few services that we offer:

  • Ductwork/air handling unit cleaning/indoor air quality

We clean the build-up of contamination from your HVAC systems so that it may not affect your health.

  • Deep Kitchen Hygiene Clean

We deeply clean kitchen areas, chimneys their filters so that you may be confident in your food preparations.

  • Swab Testing

We also test swabs used by hospitals, airports, shopping centres etc. so as to know their air quality.

  • Kitchen cooking extraction systems

    Duct Cleaning Services Melbourne

    Duct Cleaning Services Melbourne

To prevent the risk of fire, we perform cleaning of settled grease and other contaminants in the kitchen.

  • Maintenance of grease filters

We help you in maintaining your kitchen extraction systems along with the HVAC systems so that your heating and cooling systems function efficiently.

  • Cleaning of Industrial equipment

We clean all types of machinery in industries such as overhead areas, floor areas, pit storages etc.

  • Removal of vermin, rodents etc. from the ductwork

With the passage of time vermin, rodents and other creepy creatures make their way inside the ducts. Further, our camera-assisted cleaning will help you get rid of all such sorts of nuisance from the ductwork.

Other services that we offer include evaporative duct cleaning, duct repairing, duct replacement, carbon monoxide testing, heater unit servicing etc.

Process Adopted for Duct Cleaning Melbourne

If you experience uneven air throughout your house, then it’s a sign that the vents are blocked and the ducts are not distributing the heated/cooled air in a proper way. In such a condition professional duct cleaning will help to mobilize air through the ducts by cleaning/replacing/repairing them? The process that we adopt for cleaning is as follows:

Air Duct Cleaning Services

Air Duct Cleaning Services

  • We start the duct cleaning Melbourne process by inspecting the problematic areas inside the ducts. After detection, we plan out the whole procedure and discuss it with you to fix the issue in an efficient way. We inform you on the prior basis if any replacement of ducts or any other part is necessary.
  • To start the process, we first clean the air handler as it is the main part of the air system because it receives air from many registers.
  • Followed by air handler, we start cleaning the vent registers that are attached to the duct openings. We remove the registers and clean them with water or any other biodegradable solution and keep them for drying.
  • Next, we attach a long hose to our advanced cleaning machine. We then insert it into the ducts. A fast rotatory brush scratches out all the dust and debris. Further, we collect this inside large vacuum bags. Additionally, we take care that no spills take place while cleaning the ducts.
  • After the whole cleaning procedure is over, the whole duct is then deodorized with a deodorizer that imparts a clean and fresh fragrance to the system, it also removes the stale odours of the cleaning solutions and leaves the ducts smelling fresh.

Key Reasons to Choose Us

If you are searching for duct cleaning services and wondering which one to choose from, then let us tell you our specialties:

  • We are well-versed with one of the best cleaning equipment, technology. Our friendly cleaners transform your surroundings into a newer one.
  • Additionally, we have affordable prices that will surely suit your pockets. Our prices are competitive too, and you will get more than what you pay.
  • We also book appointments and provide same day and emergency services to our clients.
  • We are available round the clock because for us your convenience is very important for us. You can contact us any time 24×7 hours.

Thus, to keep your indoor air clean and fresh, contact the cleaners of Carpet Cleaning Melbourne today!

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