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As the name suggests a latex mattress is mattress produce by using latex. Latex is a natural substance derived from trees. A latex mattress thus is produced by combining latex foam with springs or reflex foam to create a supportive and durable sleeping surface for you in the shape of a mattress. Latex in nature comes from a rubber tree. The latex mattress has many benefits and it is one of the most common choices amongst us.

A latex mattress is cool and comfortable and helps in keeping our spine in a comfortable position while we sleep. It is important to note that latex mattress cleaning is a different form of regular Mattress Cleaning Services. Latex has a property of coming back to its original shape after the pressure has been removed. And it is known to accumulate a lot of dirt and debris so it is advisable to always use a mattress cover and a bedsheet before even using it sleep. Cleaning a latex mattress is very easy you can follow his blog to know more about it. Follow the steps mentioned below for latex mattress cleaning on a routine basis.

How To Clean A Latex Mattress
How To Clean A Latex Mattress

Steps For Latex Mattress Cleaning

  • Remove the cover and Bedsheets before cleaning the latex mattress.
  • Now prepare a solution of organic soap or a simple detergent with warm water. Agitate the mixture to form the lather. Always make sure that you use a mild soap, no harsh chemicals or commercial products should be used you can also add some essential oils like lavender oil as well.
  • For Mattress Steam Cleaning you should take a plain white cloth and dab the stain fist if the stain is wet to absorb all the fluid. Afterwards, rinse the cloth in the detergent or soap solution and spot clean the stain and repeat the dabbing again and again till the staining fades away completely.
  • Now take another cloth and rinse it in plain water and use it to clean the stained patch to absorb all the detergent left on the patch. Detergent can decolourise the mattress so it important to get rid of can further absorb the extra water by cleaning it with a towel or a plain cloth.
  • Dry the mattress under a fan or use a plain towel to wipe clean the entire mattress again.
  • Now you can use a vacuum cleaner or a normal brush to clean the latex mattress throughout. Make sure that you get rid of any dust or debris on the mattress. A vacuum cleaner is very effective in getting rid of hair, dirt, debris and dust and you can repeat vacuum cleaning every alternate day to remove settled dust from time to time.

What are the things get removed in the cleaning process?

The mattress gets an accumulation of a lot of things when getting used. Everything will be washed away as a result of cleaning. Here is the list of things which get removed by cleaning:

  1. Dirt Particles
  2. Stain Particles
  3. Microbes (Allergens, bacteria, fungus and more)
  4. Mould
  5. Any type of bad smell

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