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You were all happy, but one day accidentally you put your feet on broken glass and cut your feet badly. And you’re leaving the blood on all over you’re carpet. The bad thing about blood is that it’s red, which is very noticeable. If you left it the way it was. It’s possible that anyone could think of anything, they might think that you’re not a safe person to hang around with. There are other reasons for spilling blood on your carpet as well, but people misunderstood often. Moreover, the stains of blood will become firm with time. So, the sooner you take action the faster you avoid the chances of being a creep in someone eyes.

How to Clean a Woollen Carpet?

How to Clean a Woollen Carpet?

There are Multiple Tips to Remove Blood Stains, Depends on you which is More Suitable and Easy for you.

Tip – 1

There are some chemicals and ingredients which is proven effective for blood stains. However, there’s no way to escape from forensic experts they’ll find out the truth one way or another (Wink*).

  • Hydrogen Peroxide ( If the blood is still fresh and wet, you can easily remove it using Hydrogen Peroxide. Just pour some hydrogen peroxide and then clean the stain using mild detergent)
  • Vinegar ( Pour some white vinegar on the stain, after 5 to 10 minutes blot the area with a clean cloth)
  • Remove Blood Stains From Carpet Melbourne

    Remove Blood Stains From Carpet Melbourne

  • Ammonia ( Apply some ammonia on the stain and rub, it’ll help in removing the blood stain)
  • Cola ( Take coca-cola and pour it on the stain, leave it for the night on the carpet and then clean the blood)
  • Cornstarch ( Add water in cornstarch and make a paste of it, now apply it on the blood stain. When it gets dry, use a brush to remove the remaining paste.
  • Tip – 2

  • Use a brush and keep scrubbing, the stain will not disappear magically. Keep patience and work on it. When the stain is completely removed, let the carpet dry under a fan. Or you can use the vacuum cleaner to dry the carpet in lesser time.
  • Tip – 3

  • Keep the stained surface wet, and use a dry cloth to absorb all the blood stain. By doing this the stain will get lighter.
  • Woolen Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

    Woolen Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

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