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Honey is delicious in taste but can be so sticky when it was dripped on fabric or, especially on the carpet. It can make quite a mess and sometimes hard to remove because of its high coherence and viscous nature. Habitually, Honey is a combination of various types of sugars and other mixtures. But, you must do something for removing the honey stain because it may be stuck in carpet’s fibre or discolour the white carpet.

You can apply these given below tips by which you can easily clean up your honey-stain without too many difficulties and will also get quick result. By using our carpet cleaning tips, you can remove the stains from your carpet.

Carpet Honey Removal
Carpet Honey Removal

Some Tips, To Remove Honey Stains

  1. Pick Up Honey With a Slender Knife and Clean It;

    You can use a dull or regular knife like butter or rough knife. But, make sure that carpet will get no cut or scratch by the knife as you will try to remove the honey. So, start your work to wipe off honey as much as you can do. You can also use a paper towel to excess the honey and then, wash it with normal water. This process will make easy to clean up the stain. For better results, you can get the help of professional carpet cleaners.
  2.  Use Dish Soap With Warm Water for Carpet Cleaning;

    Do the same as we told you before in the first step, that remove honey with a dull knife. Then, use liquid dish soap and warm water to remove the stain accurately. It will make your stain smooth to clean up. Mix both ingredients well in a bowl and apply directly on the stain. If you use water or dishwashing soap, you may get success, but though sometimes you will have to work harder to remove the honey stain. In that case, to make your work easy, you can hire experts for Professional Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne
  3. Use a Tissue, Cloth and Water to Remove The Stain;

    You can also remove the honey stain by using the tissue or cloth. Then, wash the affected area with the normal water. Use a tissue or cloth to remove the honey and then, easy clean it with water. But, remember that don’t rub the stain because this can make your honey stain deeper into the carpet fibres.
  4. Use Baking Soda to Remove The Deep Stain of Honey;

    By using baking soda, you can remove the honey stain as well as stubborn stains such as wine stain, food stain vomit stain and also urine stain. Mix a small quantity of baking soda with water in any container and apply on the honey stain after removing the honey excess.
  5. Use Ammonia With Water for Deep Carpet Cleaning

    Use a bucket to combine the ammonia with the water. Then, stir both ingredients until the ammonia is completely dissolved in water. Ammonia can be harmful to your skin, so protect your skin with gloves while working. Use eye protection and a mask too for complete safety.

Why there is a need to remove the honey out of carpet?

Honey is a gelly and sticky substance. When it spills out on the carpet, quickly get into the gaps of the carpet. It gets mixed with the dirt as well as form stain. Over time it will be tough to remove them. This can become a reason for ruining the carpet. The carpet can also attain some odd odour. To avoid any of these problems to your carpet, it is suggested to get the honey out of carpet as soon as possible.

Lease Professionals To Make Your Work Easy And Fast

You can also get help the professional cleaners to get cleaned your carpet professionally. And, the experts of Carpet Cleanings Melbourne, can make your carpet beautiful by cleaning with a professional kit. We have years of knowledge and know, how to remove stubborn stains. If you have any query or want to get any professional help contact us online. We assure our customers that our professional and affordable carpet cleaning services will make you happy.

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