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Oil and grease can put in very nasty and damaging stains to your carpets. Oils can get permanently fixed to the fibers of your carpets and can compromise the integrity of the carpet. As time goes on, oil stains can trap a lot of dirt and mud which can cause permanent black stains on your carpets. Oil stain removal is very must be suggested if you happen to notice oil stains. Professional carpets cleaners can help you in carpet oil stain removal from the carpets in no time. But with enough time and resources, you can yourself get rid of oil stains from the carpet. Follow this simple guide on how to get rid of oil stains from the carpet.

Oil Stain Removal From Carpet
Oil Stain Removal From Carpet

Materials you will be Needing:

  • Spare Clothes or cleaning papers
  • Carpet stain removing soap or detergent
  • CornStarch or Baby powder
  • Vacuum
  • Bucket
  • Water

Steps for Carpet Oil Stain Removal:

  • Step 1:

    Old oil stains are permanently fixed on your carpets so you need to freshen the stain before Carpet Stain Removal. Add some glycerine or any transparent oil to the old stain and make sure you saturate it completely. Glycerine will freshen the stain and add liquidity.
  • Step 2:

    Use absorbent cloths or paper towels to dab the stain repeatedly. Dabbing is done to remove extra liquid oil and make sure you don’t press hard or else the oil will spread around the carpet.
  • Step 3:

    After soaking up all the extra oil from the stain you can now start carpet oil stain removal using cornstarch. Pour or sprinkle some amount of cornstarch on the oil stain present on the carpet and make sure you cover the stain completely. Use a brush to remove visible dust and dirt from the stain and pour some more cornstarch to the stain again. Leave the cornstarch powder on the stain for an hour and let it extract oils from the stain.
  • Step 4:

    Repeat the above process for deterrent and stubborn oil stains on the carpet. Now use a vacuum cleaner to gently clean the stain and remove cornstarch powder completely. Attach a narrow hose to the vacuum and use it to suck in all the dirt and cornstarch left on the carpet.
  • Step 5:

    If the oil stain still persists you can use an oil removing soap or detergent to further clean the oil stain. Pour some water and oil removing soap on the oil stain and brush it using a toothbrush. Keep brushing to remove the dirt and let the soap remove the oils.
  • Step 6:

    Rub a wet cloth on the old oil stain repeatedly to remove all the soap and oil. Keep rubbing the stain repeatedly to get rid of all the oil and cornstarch left on the stain. Start the carpet drying now.
  • Step 7:

    Take two dry cloths or paper towels and press them above and below the washed stained patch on the carpet. Press both the towels firmly and absorb the water and soap from it. Leave the carpets in sunlight or under a fan to fasten up the drying process.
Professional Carpet Cleaners
Professional Carpet Cleaners

Additional Advice and Tips

  • Use a fan or dehumidifier to speed up the drying process because leaving moist for too long can cause mold growth.
  • Don’t let the stain stay for too long else it’ll set on carpet and become permanent and then removing stain will be almost impossible.
  • Take vinegar and mix it with dish detergent and then apply it to the stained area. It also helps in stain removal.

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