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Carpet Cleaning becomes Necessary when the Following Situations Become Apparent:

  • Multiple stain and spot sightings over its surface.
  • Sinuses grow wrong and allergic feelings start to ponder over.
  • You find a foul stench and musty smell.
  • After any home renovation or improvement activity.
  • After a large social function and gathering.

To keep our Carpet Clean and Fresh, we must Maintain the Following Precautions:

Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

  • Avoid accumulation of dust particles over carpets and rugs.
  • Take care of deposition of moisture over the surface of carpets and rugs.
  • Consider spilling of food and drinks on the carpets and rugs.
  • Avoid walking over the carpets and rugs in shoes which you use for outdoor purposes.
  • Do not over-shampoo carpets and rugs during the process of cleaning it.
  • Prevent pets to urinate or dander over a carpet or rug.
  • Avoid smoking frequently or in-a-chain in a  room with carpet.
  • Avoid continuous rubbing over stains and spots which form due to spilling of liquids or gels.

In spite of the above precautions and measures, owing to the pollution factor, carpet can accumulate dirt frequently. So on the regular basis; if we treat our carpets with home-made cleaning methods, then it will certainly retain its new-like clean and fresh look.

For this Process, we Require the Following Articles:

  1. Pair of Scissors,
  2. Carpet stain remover (non-acidic),
  3. Rag cloth,
  4. Ice cubes,
  5. Paper towels,
  6. Spoon (metallic),
  7. Hand towel,
  8. Automatic Iron,
  9. Vacuum Cleaner,
  10. Carpet shampoo, and,
  11. Carpet-deodorizing powder.


Carpet Dry Cleaning Service

Carpet Dry Cleaning Service

  • Remove all small articles, breakables, furniture and heavy articles from the room so that you can properly examine the condition of the carpet.
  • Examine the carpet thoroughly by crawling over the surface of the carpet. Cut the threads protruding out of the carpet surface by the scissors. Do not pull out the threads as that can deform the surface of the area.
  • Apply carpet stain remover over the hard stain spots and leave for some time as mentioned in the instructions of cleaner manual or sticker. After that, blot the rag cloth to absorb the cleaner and the stain.
  • Dents can easily form due to loads of furniture over the carpet. Identify those regions and place ice cubes over them and allow the cubes to melt completely. Blot the wet area due to the melting of ice cubes with paper towels gently. Application of too much pressure can increase the dent. To fluff up the portion with dent, brush with the edge of the spoon over the carpet area.
  • Use the vacuum cleaner all over the surface of the carpet to suck all dirt and dust. Use upholstery fixtures of the vacuum cleaner to reach to the areas not accessible normally.
  • Mix the cleaning solution with an appropriate ratio of water in the carpet shampooer and apply the shampoo over the carpet by walking back and forth avoiding stepping over the damp portions of the carpet.
  • Now allow the carpet to dry completely. Sprinkle the carpet deodorizer over the carpet and leave it over it for the duration according to instructions by the manufacturer and use the vacuum cleaner all over the carpet thoroughly for the last time so that it can absorb any other cleaning remnant or dirt.

Now you are all set and can keep your carpet clean and fresh with its fluffy and new-like velvety feel!

Special Attention to the Stains

While cleaning the carpet, we need to give special attention to the stains. There are several old and stubborn stains which do not get removed easily. You use harsh chemicals which damages your carpet in stain removal. Book for our Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne service and get the work done without any risk. Our professionals easily remove all types of carpet stains.

Take the Help of Professionals

Carpet Stain Removal Service Melbourne

Carpet Stain Removal Service Melbourne

Carpets can be the breeding ground of germs.Kids like playing on them. The chances of getting sick becomes high if you have dirty carpets in your home. Although there are carpet cleaning methods you can follow at home, it is best to take the help of experts. There are many carpet cleaning companies.If you are never satisfied with average and want only the best company, then we have a solution for you. Carpet Cleanings Melbourne is a leading company dealing in carpet cleaning services. They have a team of highly proficient experts who have deep knowledge about cleaning procedures. Make your carpets new without causing any harm by taking their help.

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