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No matter how hard you try to keep your floor covering clean, sudden accidents always manage to ruin your plans. Getting the carpets stained seems like a natural process now, isn’t it? Some stains are generous by nature and get removed using some domestic products and elbow grease. Whereas there are many stubborn stains that can escape your attention at first and bind with the carpet fibre to become permanent. Stains like red wine, coffee, grape juice, chocolate, blood, are already stubborn enough to consume most of your time and efforts. Imagine fighting against these stains when they have made themselves comfortable by settling in.

Remove Old Stain From Carpet

Remove Old Stain From Carpet

Removing the old stains from carpets is definitely difficult, but not impossible. Here in this blog, you will get to know about the best ways to get rid of old stains from your carpeting.

Ways to Remove the Old Set-in Stain from Your Carpet

  • Club Soda

    Club soda is famed as an effective cleaning agent. Besides treating the fresh stains, club soda can effectively remove settled stains from the carpet. Leave the dirt alone, this product is also capable of giving a tough fight to stubborn blood stains. Spray the club soda over the stained areas and wait for a few minutes. Then, work on it with the help of a brush or use can also use a steam vac to remove the stain.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide

    Removing Carpet Stain With Hydrogen Peroxide Melbourne

    Removing Carpet Stain With Hydrogen Peroxide Melbourne

    Another one of the best stain removal agents that can remove the old carpet stains to perfection is hydrogen peroxide. Pour hydrogen peroxide into a spray bottle and mist it onto the stained area. Let it sit onto the stain for about 10-15 minutes to loosen the stain. You can use a stiff brush to loosen the stain further, so it can be easily removed by steam vac.

Home Cleaning Solutions

  • Dishwashing Cleaning Solution

    Add 1/4th part of liquid dishwashing solution in 1 cup of warm water. Ignore the detergents that contain bleach in them. Then dip a rag into the cleaning solution and blot up the stained area. Afterwards, use a steam vac to remove the stain and rinse the area with warm water. Keep repeating the cleaning process until the stain vanishes out from the carpet.

  • Ammonia

    Remove Carpet Stains

    Remove Carpet Stains

    You can also use ammonia to remove the stain out of your carpeting. Add 2 tablespoons of ammonia into 1 cup water. Apply the solution onto the stained area, leave it for a few minutes and extract the stain using the steam vac. Keep repeating until you don’t get the desired result.

Get The Guaranteed Results By Hiring Professionals

Still in doubt? Leave the entire cleaning process to the professionals who ought to deliver you the guaranteed results. Professionals are trained to remove any kind of stain off your carpets. They possess the right tools and special cleaning solutions that can effectively remove the stain without damaging your carpet fibre. If you are in the search of talented and efficient carpet cleaning team, Carpet Cleaning Melbourne has all the solutions for you. Our carpet professionals not only offer the stain removal service but can provide protection against the future stains on the carpet. Call us today and get all carpet cleaning services at most affordable prices.

Our Company Role in Carpet Cleaning Service

We provide Professional Carpet Cleaning Melbourne service with the help of professionals, latest equipment and cleaning solutions. Our role comes into play for facilitating the professionals with the best requirements for the services. We also ensure that the professionals are having enough experience and well-known to the skills required for the service. When we facilitate them with the best support, then professionals can perform to their optimum.