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The carpet in our houses is a charm, they create a comfortable visual ambiance. We choose our carpets according to our taste & need and they suffer from our collateral damage on a day to day life. One thing we can’t ignore is that they’re highly beneficial. We are tied to them for their multi-purpose use, be it protecting our toddler or saving us from the cold floor in winters, there are many uses of them. But what if, they get dirty or some bad odour is coming out of them? Sure! You can’t throw them out, you’ve spent the hefty amount of money to buy a beautifully patterned carpet. So, using a vacuum cleaner would surely suck out all the dust, but what about the bad smell, stains of your morning coffee or the wine your friend has spilled on Saturday night on your carpet? Shampooing the carpet is an obvious solution, which will deep clean the Carpet and make it look like a new one.

How to shampoo a carpet?

How to shampoo a carpet?

Therefore, use these steps to shampooing the carpet.

You’ll be needing these materials & tools in order to start the cleaning.

– A hot water extractor (You can either buy it or rent it)

– A shampoo which is approved by CRI (Carpet & Rug Institute, Inc.)

– Any stain remover spray.

– A clean cloth.

– And your vacuum cleaner.

Following are the Steps to Shampoo Your Carpet

Step 1-

Carpet Shampooing Melbourne

Carpet Shampooing Melbourne

When you buy or rent the hot water extractor, make sure you go through manual and learn all the aspects of the machine. Once you know how the machine works, there will be less probability of any kind of error (“Play it safe”).

When you finish studying the machine, start the actual work. Remove all the furniture attached to the floor.

Step 2-

Clean the carpet using your vacuum cleaner, until you remove all the dust from it. When you clean the carpet from the vacuum cleaner, it’ll make the work easier for shampooing. Also, notice the stains spot and spray stain remover on the area. After that use a clean cloth to rub the area. Take your time and vacuum all the dirt closely.

Step 3-

Carpet Shampoo Cleaners Melbourne

Carpet Shampoo Cleaners Melbourne

Take out the hot water extractor, if you have studied it well. You’d know that it’s a two-chambered unit. One chamber contains clean water which is mixed with hot water & soap and the other one store the dirty water, which has been sucked back. The shampoo works better in hot water. The machine first throws the shampoo water and then quickly suck it. Strictly follow the manual, and fill the water tank as mentioned in the machine, filling the water too high or above normal level may distort the balance of shampoo and water, which may result in improper functioning of the extractor machine. Also, mix the shampoo as needed, adding too much of shampoo would leave carpet soapy, later it’ll attract more dirt.

Now, thoroughly run the extractor on the carpet, and slowly run it on every area of the carpet. Don’t rush while moving, or the extractor will not able to function accordingly and leave the shampoo residue.

Step 4-

Once you are done cleaning using shampoo, clean the dirt tank and fill again it with clean cold water. Run the extractor again, this time it’ll remove all the residue soap from the carpet. Now comes the final thing, turn on the fans and let the carpet get dry. And, when the carpet got fully dried, run the vacuum cleaner, so that rest of the dust is removed and you get a 100% clean new looking carpet, ready to suffer for you again.

Carpet Shampooing

Carpet Shampooing

Why Carpet Shampooing is more Effective than Others?

When the shampoo is applied and the rotary machine is run over it, the carpet gets thoroughly cleaned. The process shows its effectiveness to all the gaps and corners of the carpet. It also helps in cleaning the stains as well as moving out the harmful organisms. This process makes your carpet completely fresh and healthy. Book for Best Carpet Cleaning Melbourne service to have carpet shampooing done in the best way.

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