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Rug cleaning can be troublesome. Here are a few ways to clean your oriental rugs:

Oriental Rug Cleaning Tips And Tricks

Oriental Rug Cleaning Tips And Tricks

  1. Rotate Regularly

    Some of the experts recommend that you need to rotate the rug every one to two years. It is best to shoot for rotating your rug one to two months if it is in high usage area.

    This will wear your rug evenly, and your rug will get a more uniform look. Rotating regularly will help to maintain appearance and value.

  1. Block Sunlight

    To maintain the oriental rugs in your home for a long time, place it in the area where it is less exposed to sunlight. Sunlight can cause the dye to fade away. Thus, to prevent your rug from fading, you must block the sunlight from reaching the rug as much as you can. If you can follow this, just rotate your rug frequently to ensure uniform fading.

  1. Flip the Rug

    Most of the oriental rugs have fringes on the ends which get twisted and tangled easily. Avoid combining the fringes to release the tangles as this will damage the natural fibers of the fringes. Otherwise, you can flip the rug so the fringes can straighten out automatically. Do this by grabbing one end of the carpet and walk over another end. In addition, shake the rug gently to straighten the fringe.

  1. Vacuum

    Rugs require continuous vacuuming. Regular vacuuming is especially important for the oriental rugs to prevent natural fibers of the rug. Otherwise, it will be packed down due to over usage. Turn the beater bar while vacuuming the Oriental rug to prevent the runs or tears of the delicate fibers.

  1. Spot Cleaning

    Stains are easily developed if you don’t do Stain cleaning immediately after something spills on your rug. First, dab the stain with a neat and dry cloth to blot all the excess liquid. Do not use soap or other detergent liquid as it will spoil the fiber of your rug. Use shampoo to make soapy water solutions. Apply this and Use a sponge to scrub rug gently. Do scrubbing carefully to avoid damage.Use clean water to cleanse the stain, if this step is not working call for the professional help immediately to remove the stain from the oriental rugs.

  1. Utilize Padding

    Place padding beneath your oriental rug as it will stabilize and protect the shape of your rug. This will even reduce wrinkling, enhances the value of the rug and keep them safe and comfortable for a long time.

  1. Change the Pathway

    Rearrange your furniture to create new pathways at least once in three months. This will result in even wear of the rug and increase the long lasting usage.

  1. Professional Washing

    It is best to take a help of professionals to wash your rug at least once in two to three years to prevent your rug from dirt and soil build up. This will fully restore your rug’s fiber because professionals know how to handle your rug they clean your rug in a professional way without damaging it. It will enhance the better quality and comfort.

  1. Air it out

    Firstly, rinse the rug and squeeze out the water. You can use a window squeegee to remove water. Moisture can build up on your rug and form mold and mildew growth. To prevent the mold, mildew, and odor dry your oriental rug outside for few hours in proper ventilation. Do this once in six months or every time when you feel rug comes in contact with moisture.

Hopefully, your rug will look as new and clean after following the above-mentioned tricks. If the above-mentioned method didn’t work then you can call us for professional oriental rug cleaning.

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For the tips on oriental rug cleaning, you can contact us. You will be suggested by our expert cleaners who knows all the tips and tricks of carpet cleaning. We will help you with the tips as well as you can book for our Local Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne services to have hassle-free service. The tips will be helpful to you for cleaning your carpet safely as well as maintaining it.