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Carpet Cleanings Melbourne have a big name for providing the carpet dyeing service in Melbourne. We are giving this service for more than 15 years and in these years at service, we have been able to make understand our customers that carpet dyeing is the best alternative for the discolouration of the carpet due to any reason instead of buying a new carpet, by giving effective carpet dyeing service. We are able to restore the colour of carpet successfully with the help of Carpet Dyeing Melbourne team.

Dyeing the Full Carpet

There are some problems which can discolour the whole carpet. To restore the same colour or to get it coloured with a different colour, you can Make a Booking with us for Full Carpet Dyeing.

The Process of Dyeing Involves the Following Steps:

  1. You must know that only a clean carpet can be dyed so get it cleaned before you call for the dying service.
  2. Soak the carpet properly as the dye colour will not properly get settled on the dry carpet.
  3. Prepare the dye solution in which the dying elements are mixed in the proper ratio. 
  4. Apply the dye solution on the carpet with the help of the dye brush or the carpet dyeing machine.
  5. Leave it to get dried properly before you take it in use.

The Need For Carpet Dyeing

The colour of the carpet can be lost due to various reasons and that will demean the look and status of the carpet. To restore the look and lost colour, there is a need for carpet dyeing service.

The reasons for the colour loss are given below:

  1. Direct fall of intense ultraviolet rays.
  2. Remained in the wet condition for a long time.
  3. Burn in the carpet.
  4. Carpet patching of different colours.
  5. Mould growth
  6. Cleaning with the harsh chemicals and more.

Carpet Repair and Spot Dyeing

When the carpet gets repaired, the spot is visible clearly. With Spot Dyeing service we match the colour of the repaired spot with the rest of the carpet. We come with all the colour combination so that you need not worry about buying the dye. The colours used by us are natural and have no bad impacts. It is also odourless, so once the dye gets properly dried, there will be no issue in using it. We are capable of dyeing all types of carpet repaired spot.

Get the Colour of the Faded, Bleached and Stain Removed Carpet Restored 

The fading of the colour in the carpet occurs by bleaching as well as stain removal. It does not look good when you look at the colour faded carpet. Carpet Dyeing Melbourne with its service restores the colour of your carpet. Whether it is fully faded or apparently, we can restore them from any of the conditions.

Professional Carpet Dyers at Your Service

Carpet dyeing is easy with Carpet Dyeing Melbourne. Our professionals are well known to the chemical properties of the dye so we only recommend harmless colours. Our professionals are trained and experienced for providing this service so you need not worry about any risk to your carpet.  Our professionals properly match the colour and dyed in the same colour. There will be no dye spots here and there at the end of the service. That is why professionals are recommended for carpet dyeing.

Best Colours With No Spread Risk, No Smell 

The choice of  Dye Colour plays an important role in the effectivity of the carpet dyeing service. We have a collection of best dyes of all possible colour combination. When you buy dye yourself, there is a chance of some issue in it. The colours for the dye used by us are completely free with the risk of spread once it has been applied to the carpet. It is also odourless so carpet becomes ready for use after carpet and dye both get properly dried.

The Best Carpet Dyeing Melbourne Service at the Competitive Prices

Come to Carpet Cleanings Melbourne, if you want to get the carpet dyeing service at competitive prices. We are the provider of the most authentic carpet dyeing service by the hands of professionals. We use the qualitative dye and colour your carpet in the perfect way. When the matter comes of the charges we are better than all our competitors. So you can avail from us if this is your choice.

Why Choose Us?

Carpet Cleanings Melbourne has the availability of services which makes us the most convenient option in Melbourne, when customers need carpet dyeing service. The  key features of our company service which make us distinct from others are:

  • We can send our dying team on the same day of booking depending upon the choices made by the customers.
  • Only certified and experienced carpet dyers.
  • Use of improvised methods and dying machine for quick and better service.
  • Best dye colours and dying service at competitive prices.
  • Punctuality and fairness in the service
  • Customer care support is available for 24*7 hours.