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A Premier Provider of Carpet Repair Service In Melbourne

Carpet Cleanings Melbourne is a premier provider of carpet repair, carpet patching, carpet hole repairs, carpet stretching & carpet seam repairs services in Melbourne. We offer comprehensive services for Carpet Repair Melbourne. It helps in delivering first-class services at affordable rates to all prospective clients. We are highly reputed in Melbourne and its suburbs for our same day service with satisfaction. Our service is meant for all types of carpet damage and we do it with full dedication. Call us on 0345178809 for any query.

Carpet Repair Melbourne Facts

  • Burns: It occurs when any source of fire comes in the contact of the carpet. In the event, if the resultant burn is small then we cut that portion using scissors and patch the area with new cut-piece, whereas if the burn is larger then the affected portion will require a new piece to be fixed in place.
  • Fuzzing: It is experienced when fibres become loose and end up coming out of the carpet edges. The remedy to this kind of problem is to keenly cut those fibres so that they don’t keep sticking out.
  • Furniture indentations: The impact of heavy furniture ends up causing indentations on carpets. These marks can be very ugly, however, to get rid of them you need to take some club soda and sprinkle it on the carpet and then place a towel on it. It is an easy way to get rid of furniture indentations.
  • Heavy foot traffic: It flattens the carpet making it have a shaded appearance.  Such cases when subjected to repair only need brushing and vacuuming of the affected part of the carpet. You may see your carpet sometimes appearing to be flatter and look to be more worn out, you may possibly have tried using the re-fluffing method at home.

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    Carpet Patching Melbourne

    Carpet Patching Melbourne

    We Offer the Following Carpet Repair Services in Melbourne

    • Burnt Carpet Repair
    • Carpet Patching
    • Mould Damage Repair
    • Carpet Hole Repairs
    • Carpet re-tufting
    • Laying and relaying
    • Carpet to Tile fixing services
    • Stretching and Re-stretching
    • Carpet Installation
    • Carpet Stain Damage Repair
    • Water Damage Repair

    Our Carpet Repair Methods

    These are the common carpet repair methods:

    • Carpet patching – Patching is applicable in repairing of small parts that are either stained or burned. In this process, the portion that is damaged is keenly cut and removed before being replaced with a nice piece of a similarly matching carpet. In case a similar matching carpet is not at hand, a small piece is sourced from hidden carpet area.
    • Carpet Laying and Re-installing- In most of the jobs carpet laying and reinstall, we come across many buckled portion on carpets. In such cases, laying and re-installing is widely used for any loose or wrinkled carpet. It works like a face-lift as this procedure makes the carpet to be tight again. It also reduces the danger of tripping on the loose material.
    • Stretching or Re-stretching –  This method is used to fix your wrinkled carpets. This method will give your carpet a face-lift because it actually makes your carpet to become tight again. It is credited for extending the life of many carpets through the elimination of wrinkles that are known to cause carpets to wear out more quickly. By and large, it also is known for reducing the hazards of people tripping on it when it becomes loose.
    • Carpet Joints or Seam repair: The joints or seam of the carpet often get loose due to use and demands for repair service. This problem can splatter the fibres of the carpet if not repaired on time. Our professionals are there to help you in any of these conditions.

    Same Day Carpet Repair Melbourne

    Carpet damages are of various types and our professionals are ready to handle all of them. The special thing is that you can make bookings with us to get the service on the same day of booking. We can send our professionals within an hour of booking for the service.

    Types of carpet damage you need to have same day repair are:

    • Torn carpet or open seams
    • Cut-outs in carpet or opened up joins
    • Improper installation
    • Burns from iron, cigarette or candles
    • Carpet damaged by a dye
    • Carpet chewed up or scratched by pets
    • Patching up holes
    • Stains or spot damages
    Affordable Carpet Repair Melbourne

    Affordable Carpet Repair Melbourne

    Our Melbourne’s clients

    We are ready anytime to provide the carpet repair service to domestic and business clients. Carpet Cleanings Melbourne has the reputation of providing excellent services to esteemed clients who access us and our service on a regular interval. We know that prices and quality are the two factors of service clients look upon and we are the best in both aspects. Whether you are a residential or commercial carpet repair service taking clients, we serve all of you equally.

    Why Are We A Right Choice for Carpet Repair Melbourne?

    We are the best service provider for carpet repair in Melbourne and there are many reasons for it. Let us have a look at them:

    • Have the relevant expertise that is fully benchmarked with carpet repair approved standards of practice globally.
    • Use of hi-tech equipment in our carpet repair Melbourne process.
    • Professional services that are wholly supported by a team of experienced technicians.
    • Provide our services while aiming for client satisfaction.
    • Respected property and highly acclaimed facility managers depend on our expert service when it comes to expeditious repair of their carpets.
    • Always available for the emergency carpet repair needs.
    • No hidden charges are added.

    So, we are ready with our professionals to repair your carpets in Melbourne. Call us or get in touch with us online for quotation or booking.

    Carpet Repair Melbourne

    Carpet Repair Melbourne

    Location: Melbourne, VIC, Australia


    👉 Why do I need Carpet Repairing in Melbourne?

    Unrepaired and damaged carpets can cause health problems as well as you will lose your carpet. It is necessary to repair the carpet at the right time. So, get the carpet repair service for your carpets now if you want to live a healthy life. We have Melbourne’s best Carpet Repair professionals.

    👉 Can you provide carpet repair services in Melbourne on the same day?

    True, we are in Melbourne and on the same day providing our carpet repair services at a reasonable price.

    👉 Do you ensure your carpet repair services in Melbourne?

    🙋We have provided the best carpet repair services for many years. And we now have years of know-how in our profession so you can rely on us in Melbourne.