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Carpet Cleaning Melbourne Carpet stain Protection is a very invisible barrier that is applied on carpets with the purpose of preventing stains, any soil particles and spillages from permeating the fibers of your carpet. When Carpet stain protection is applied, it creates an invisible barrier on each fibre and thus ends up providing maximum protection. The Carpet stain protection Melbourne is a solvent that is colorless and also odorless subsequent to the initial application.

Carpet Stain Protection Melbourne

Carpet Stain Protection Melbourne

Carpet stain protection does not,  at any time, allow any liquids to enter into the carpet fibers, what it does is to give a beading up effect, which means that it actually falls between the fibers and the stain cannot penetrate into them. To use a common analogy, it works more or less like an insurance premium to your carpet. It effectively helps in preventing spillages and any type of stain from dying the original colours of your carpet meaning that liquids like milk, coffee and cola can simply be cleaned.  This ultimately ends up extending the life of the carpet while boosting great feet traffic resistance, it is normally suitable to the hot water extraction cleaning method.

Types Of Carpet We Offer Carpet Stain Protection Services

At Carpet Cleaning Melbourne we provide an exclusive service, which is aimed to provide immunity to your carpet.  Here is some carpet of which we provide carpet stain protection service.

  • Woolen Carpet.
  • Polyester Carpet
  • Olefin Carpet.
  • Nylon Carpet.
  • Rugs.
  • Cut Loop